I want to help sustain and grow small businesses. I also want to help and support blue- and white-collar workers who may need to transition to new careers.

Technology is changing the way in which we shop, do business and interact with other people. Despite its many positive effects, technology has also introduced uncertainty for small business and the employment of many people. By investing in research and our universities and aiding innovation, helping startup companies, expanding apprenticeships, and creating non-traditional educational programs we can create high paying job opportunities in Baltimore County.

Not everyone knows that District 42B is a technology hub for gaming companies. We also have the technology shops of many big companies in 42B including Paypal, Travelers Insurance, and healthcare companies. If we expand the Towson Incubator and partner with our world -class universities and the local business community to support tech startups, we will be able to create high paying jobs right here in the Hunt Valley area.

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