“The elections of 2016 turned me from an introvert into a community activist. I made many good friends along the way, and together we stood up for the Affordable Care Act, the environment, our schools, and many other important issues. I had become a community and grassroots leader, but I began to realize that I wanted to go beyond advocacy and step up for my fellow citizens in an even bigger role. My friends and fellow community activists encouraged me to run for office. I sat down with my family and thought long and hard about it. Eventually we decided that that I have a lot to offer. As State Delegate for District 42B, I will be your champion for better schools and smaller classroom sizes. I will fight to save open spaces and agricultural land in Northern Baltimore County. I will stand for small businesses and economic opportunity for all citizens in our District.

I will work hard to win your support. Join me in our quest for a better future.”