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Meet Sachin

Sachin was born to a family of modest means in Vasai, a suburb of Mumbai, India. After graduating from St. Augustine High School, he studied Biology as an undergraduate at Mumbai University. Holding a fellowship from the Department of Atomic Energy to study radiation therapy of cancer, Sachin received his PhD at Mumbai University.

Drawn to the promise of the technological advances and democratic ideals of the United States, Sachin accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in radiation therapy at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Sachin arrived in the United States in 2001.

Sachin was thrilled to make his home in the United States. Through the years he was awarded several grants and published in the fields of Cancer, Cell, and Molecular Biology. Sachin currently works with “big data” in healthcare.

The election of Donald Trump and the prevailing rhetoric of hatred towards immigrants, minorities, and women now put these hard-fought rights into jeopardy. Sachin felt compelled to get involved and do his part to stand up for American values and ideals. He founded and led Indivisible North Baltimore County, an advocacy group which engages with issues on both the national and local levels. Sachin ran for State Delegate  from District 42B in 2018. He won the Democratic primary and ran a strong campaign in the general elections. Although he did not prevail, he significantly closed the gap as compared to 2014 elections.

Sachin was recently appointed to the Baltimore County Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee. Sachin also serves on the MTA Citizens Advisory Committee. He is also engaged in advocating for other causes. Particularly, better schools, recreational opportunities, and the environment in Baltimore County.

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